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Dolores V. Reig, M.S. Ed.

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About Us:

Our site is always a "work in progress".

We are always adding new things we hope you will find relevant to making your lives with children more satisfying.

Check us out for ideas, suggestions, techniques and most of all, inspiration on being a parent raising a child in a difficult world. 

We believe the most important time in a child's developmental life is between birth and five years old.  The child's experiences during this time sets the foundation for all future growth.

We will not tell you HOW to be a parent.  We believe parenting is too unique and individual to suggest one size fits all.

We want to help you be the best parent your child can have and develop a relationship with your child you both will treasure well into adulthood.

We invite dialog, questions and life experiences.  Parenting is challenging and we are never really prepared for it. 

Let The Kid Pro try to make it a little easier, more fun and less stressful for you.

Enjoy your children...



It’s not about punishment, or criticizing, or telling children how “bad” they are. 

It's how we teach our children our expectations for them, with patience, consistency, firmness, and kindness.

And always remembering how much we love them.


Parents are the single most important influence their children will ever have.  To a young child, a parent is all powerful and always right.

Looking back on our own childhood, what would we have changed or not had done to us?

What words do we wish our parents had never said?  What experiences do we still regret today?

What will your children say about THEIR childhood when they become adults?  Will they remember the love, the acceptance, the kindness, or will it be something they vow never to pass on to their own children?

Whatever you do, it will have an impact on your child and on the relationship between you.

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